Common questions

What makes hunting at Wild Wings different?
As the oldest shooting preserve north of Saginaw, we've been refining the bird hunting experience for our guests for several decades. Across our 120 acres, we have a wide variety of terrain and field conditions to suit different hunters, ranging from manicured to very natural with blackberry bushes, briars, juniper, pin cherry, and pine trees. Our pheasant pens are planted with the same crops as we use in our hunting fields, which makes the birds more relaxed in those fields.
We schedule for either a morning (9am start) or an afternoon (1pm start) hunt. Each hunt typically lasts for 3-4 hours depending on the experiece and interests of the hunters, the skill of the dog, and field conditions that day. You’re more than welcome to ask for advice if you are having trouble in the field so you may enjoy your time more.

No, if you have no dog, for a small fee we will arrange guide service for your hunt.

Many hunters do come to us to give their dog more hunting experience in an environment where they know the game is out there somewhere. Sometimes they will start the day with their dog in the field but find the dog is having an off day - if this happens and you want to fall back to a guide, that can often be accommodated, but give us a heads up if you think you might need this.

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In Michigan, hunters are no longer required to have a hunting license while on licensed shooting preserves like ours.
Here are the general rules for hunting at Wild Wings:
  • Everyone in your hunting party must wear hunter's orange.
  • All hunters and guests must fill out release forms.
  • For the safety of others and oneself there is no drinking allowed before or during the hunt.
  • Hunters must keep their dogs under control and in their own fields at all times.
  • Hunters may not leave their field or shooting preserve to shoot a bird. If a bird goes down in another field your dog may retrieve it.
  • Each hunting party is limited to 4 guns and 2 dogs per field.

"Jim and his wife are great northern Michigan people. He runs a great operation if you want the feeling of a wild bird hunt. Plenty of land. Fast high flying birds. Value for the money. Has great dogs. But if you have a dog or want to train a dog it's a great place. Your birds are professionally cleaned. I will always go to Wild Wings."

Jim Jannausch

"Great hunting experience with my 6 yr old English Pointer. Had 4 Pheasants put out, birds were comparable to wild Pheasants. Pointer pointed all 4 birds in natural cover. Will go back again."

Dave Hurt