Our base packages allow you to customize your hunt for your own preferences.

Pheasant Hunt
  • 4 pheasants (50/50)

Great day's hunt for someone wanting to put pheasants up

Chukar Hunt
  • 5 chukars

Our chukar hunt adds an extra bird due to their smaller size and extra challenge

Group Specials

Best pricing when planning to release a larger number of birds or a bringing a group.

12 Pheasants (50/50)
  • Up to 4 guns
  • Mix of roosters and hens
15 Chukars
  • Up to 4 guns
Pheasant/Chukar Combo
  • Up to 4 guns
  • Mix of pheasants and chukars


Customize your hunt to add extra birds, use one of our guides, or have your birds cleaned after the hunt.

Extra Pheasants

Add as many additional pheasants as you want on top of your basic hunt package.

Extra Chukars

Add as many additional chukars as you want on top of your basic hunt package.

Dog and Guide

One of our expert guides and their dog are available to flush your birds so all you need is yourself. Meet them below! $35 minimum.

Bird Dressing

Let's face it, cleaning birds is nobody's favorite chore. Let us take care of dressing your birds after your hunt.

  • $2.50 breasted
  • $4.50 skinned

As a veteran-owned business, we know how much service members have given to our country. We offer a 5% discount to veterans and active duty service members as our way of saying thank you. Please bring an ID indicating veteran or active duty status for discount.

Meet our Guides

Mike, Brian, and David (pictured here, left to right) and their well-trained dogs know our fields and can let you focus on being ready to shoot.